Legal Guide PAM – Regulatory framework for the small-scale production of products based on aromatic and medicinal plants

At present, most of the producers in Catalonia who cultivate and/or collect medicinal and aromatic plants complement the agroforestry activity with the transformation of raw materials and the manufacture of final products for direct sale to the final consumer, with the aim of making economic activity profitable, since most are small farms, especially in mountain … Read more

() ARTICLE: Opcions productives de plantes aromàtiques i medicinals a Catalunya

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Contribution to collective works

2022 Final report on the results of the FoRuo project – Training to promote new occupations in the forestry and rural sector (2019-2022) 2020 2020. Los productos forestales no madereros en España: del monte a la industria (Non-wood forest products in Spain: from the forest to the industry). Coordination: Mariola Sánchez-González; Rafael Calama; José Antonio Bonet.  … Read more

Books and monographs

MORÉ, E (ed.) 2023. MAPs LEGAL GUIDE. Regulatory framework for small-scale production of products based on aromatic and medicinal plants. Ed. Center for Forest Science and Technology of Catalonia. Biomarkets Project (PECT-RIS3CAT). Language: Catalan. MORE, E.; TUGRUL AY, S. 2017. TRUMAP Best practices for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. LOURENÇO, C.; AUNAC, C.; BAGARRI, … Read more