Courses and seminars 2021

Training of the INTERREG POCTEFA FoRuO project, June 15 to October 15: Course on production and transformation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Course of production and transformation of berries. More information

Cultivation projects 2021

New scenarios of Aromatic and medicinal industrial production in the traditional agricultural systems of Catalonia The project aims to analyze the behavior of different commercial varieties of a set of species of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) that could be grown on a commercial scale in different agricultural settings in Catalonia. The species cultivated in … Read more

Congresses and seminars 2021

XI ENCCULT – Encontro Científico Cultural GT1 – Agro-desenvolvimento no Brasil: Desafios e Oportunidades. 15/09/2021 – Plantas aromáticas e medicinais (Palestrante: Eva Moré, Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología Forestal de Cataluña – España). Webinar Connecting people to global medicinal plants. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, México 3/11/2021. Moré, E. Características de la producción de … Read more

Catalog on plant material of aromatic-medicinal species with industrial value

You can now consult the online catalog of commercial varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants ( The Group of medicinal and aromatic plants of the Forest Science and Technology  Center of Catalonia (CTFC) has created a directory that includes mainly oriented varieties to the industrial (not ornamental) production of 196 MAP species, which come from … Read more

Focus Group EIP-AGRI on diversification opportunities of medicinal plants

The European Agricultural Innovation Association (EIP-AGRI) works to promote competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry in order to “achieve more and better with less”. EIP-AGRI Focus groups are temporary groups of selected experts who share a specific topic, share knowledge and experience. Each group explores practical and innovative solutions to problems or opportunities in the … Read more

Transfer projects 2020

2019-2021. INTERREG POCTEFA FoRuO. Training to provie new occupations in the forest and rural sector. 2nd project meeting at Rivesaltes (Pyrénées Orientales, France) 2019-2020. Demonstration of innovation in machinery and equipment for the processing of medicinal and aromatic plants. Funded by: Demonstration activity (01.02.01 Operation of Technology Transfer of the Rural Development Program of … Read more

Courses and seminars 2020

LEGEND: OA organized activity IC invited communication OC oral communication Demonstration of dry herb processing equipment. PATT online technical conference. June 8, 2020. (video). OA Demonstration of harvesters for small productions of aromatic and medicinal plants (PACK TTI Eazycut). PATT online technical conference. June 29, 2020. (video). OA Demonstration of harvesters for small productions of aromatic … Read more

Technical meeting of the project FoRuO in France

The European project INTERREG POCTEFA FoRuo in which entities from France and Spain participate was officially approved on June 22 and will create a cross-border observatory and a network of training collaboration on production and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants and berries, between the participating regions. Solsona, 16 July 2020. The project “Training to … Read more


TRAINING TO PROVIDE NEW OCCUPATIONS IN THE FOREST AND RURAL SECTOR – FoRuO (2019-2022) The general objective of the FoRuO project is to promote the development of continuous training systems and skills in the cross-border territory in order to improve access to employment in relation to new productions in the forestry and rural sectors, specifically in the production and processing … Read more