Between 2022 and 2024 the ERASMUS+ project Agripreneurship ! MAPS for NEETS (MAPS4N) – 2022-2-ES02-KA220-YOU-000102299 takes place. The general objective of the project is to develop the innovative work of young people in the field of entrepreneurship with medicinal and plants (MAPs), including digitalisation. The project is led by Formación Academia Barcelona, SL, based in … Read more

Transfer projects 2021-2023

2019-2022. INTERREG POCTEFA FoRuO. Training to promote new occupations in the forestry and rural sector. Development of continuous training systems and skills in the cross-border territory in order to improve access to employment in relation to new productions in the forestry and rural sectors, specifically in the production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and berries. Creation of … Read more

Transfer projects 2011-2020

LEGEND: R research T transfer PT student project 2009-2011. Memory usage of the Mediterranean Herbs (project HERBAM). Avanza Contenidos – Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio. T. Design and promotion of a 2.0 website to collect information of traditional uses of MAPs and to promote the commercialization of artisan productions. 2011. Dissemination of results for … Read more

Focus Group EIP-AGRI on diversification opportunities of medicinal plants

The European Agricultural Innovation Association (EIP-AGRI) works to promote competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry in order to “achieve more and better with less”. EIP-AGRI Focus groups are temporary groups of selected experts who share a specific topic, share knowledge and experience. Each group explores practical and innovative solutions to problems or opportunities in the … Read more


TRAINING TO PROVIDE NEW OCCUPATIONS IN THE FOREST AND RURAL SECTOR – FoRuO (2019-2022) The general objective of the FoRuO project was to promote the development of continuous training systems and skills in the cross-border territory in order to improve access to employment in relation to new productions in the forestry and rural sectors, specifically … Read more


2015-2017. HERBARTIS PROJECT – ADULT TRAINING ON HANDCRAFT PRODUCTION OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS (MAPs) (2015-2017). “HERBARTIS – Adult Training on Handicraft Production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants” is the Project approved by the EU in the 2014-2020 community programme KA2 action “strategic partnership”, aiming at strengthen new training paths for MAPs producers. HERBARTIS leading … Read more

Grundtvig PLANT WILD

2011-2013. Forest Harvesting Wild Plants Learning in Europe – PLANT WILD Project for the information interchange to know better the situation of the training about non wood forest products (plants, mushrooms, berries, etc.) collection, focusing specially in medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). Duration: 2011-2013 Project tasks: Analyzing the research, technology transfer and training to adults … Read more