Commercialisation projects 2021-2023

2018-2021. Innovation Networks for Cork, Resins & Edibles (INCREDIBLE). Aromatic and Medicinal Plants iNet. 2022. Organization of the visit of the Tzoumakers cooperative to exchange experiences with Catalan organizations in the agroecological and forestry fields. 2019-2022. New scenarios of Aromatic and medicinal industrial production in the traditional agricultural systems of Catalonia – PAMinCAT The project aims to analyze the behavior of … Read more

Commercialisation projects 2011-2020

LEGEND R Research T transfer PT student project 2008-2011. Experimentation with aromatics and medicinal plants in the Principality of Andorra. Associació de Pagesos i Ramaders del Principat d’Andorra. I/T (study) Study of commercial outlets and possible final products with: Arctostaphyllos uva-ursi, Arnica montana, Artemisia dracunculus, Filipendula ulmaria, Hyssopus officinalis, Melissa officinalis, Mentha pulegium, Mentha viridis, … Read more

Directory of medicinal and aromatic plants producers in Catalonia

The first directory of producers of medicinal and aromatic plants in Catalonia has been created in 2020. According to the Catalan Forestry Observatory, a total of 454 ha of medicinal and aromatic plants were cultivated in 2019, mainly of parsley as a fresh herb and of various herbaceous aromatic species, basically destined for obtaining dry herb. … Read more

Horizon H2020 project – INCREDIBLE

2018-2021. Innovation Networks for Cork, Resins & Edibles (INCREDIBLE). Aromatic and Medicinal Plants iNet. Participation in the network for the analysis of production processes and marketing of products based on MAPs and essential oils. Attendance at the Aromatic and Medicinals Plants iNet Scoping Seminar in Tunisia from 27-28 June 2018. Organization of the Aromatic & … Read more

TRUMAP project – exchange on MAPs production with Turkey

2016-2018. TRUMAP – Networking and Dialogue on Black Truffles and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey – EuropeAid Promotion of relations between the productive sector of Catalonia and the Turkish regions of the Aegean and Mediterranean, for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the production of non-timber forest products. 15-16th … Read more

() Projectes comercialització i mercat 1997-2010

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