Operational Group – PAMinCAT

2019-2022 – New scenarios of Aromatic and medicinal industrial production in the traditional agricultural systems of Catalonia

  • The project aims to analyze the behavior of different commercial varieties of a set of species of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) that could be grown on a commercial scale in different agricultural settings in Catalonia.
  • The species cultivated in this project are: Melissa officinalis (melissa), Mentha x piperita (peppermint), Mentha spicata (spearmint), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender), Lavandula x intermedia (Lavendin), Thymus mastichina (wild marjoram), Satureja montana (savory), Matricaria chamomilla (chamomile) and Artemisia absinthium (wormwood), and different varieties will be tested.
  • We have chosen those species that have good demand in the market both in dry plant and in essential oil and that can be adapted to different cultivation conditions and have been planted in three plots located in the counties of Les Garrigues, La Noguera and La Segarra.

Within the framework of the project, different results have been obtained (in Catalan):

More information: https://pamincat.ctfc.cat