Courses and Seminars 2018

In March 2018, a technical seminar “Beyond the wil collection of gentian: development perspectives in mountain areas” has been carried out to disseminate the results of the project INTERREG SUDOE ValuePAM

  • 7th March 2018, in Alp (Cerdanya – Girona – Spain). Program
  • 20th March 2018, in Sort (Pallars Sobirà – Lleida – Spain). Program.

There were the following presentations:

And a round table with companies in the sector dealing with gentian and other wild plants:

The day ended with a participatory dynamic led by Raiels, with the goal of answering the question: “What can we do to promote a sustainable use of the gentian and other wild plants?


  • On April 18, 2018 the work session “Valorització de les plantes aromàtiques i medicinals silvestres” (Valuation of wild medicinal and aromatic plants) took place at the General Directorate of Forest Ecosystems and Environmental Management (DARP), in Barcelona, aimed at technicians of forestry and conservation of the environment. The work carried out by the MAPs group of the CTFC and the French partners of the INTERREG SUDOE ValuePAM project (CNBPNP and PNRPC) were presented, evaluating the situation of the Gentian populations and making proposals to manage their use.
  • Seminar of the Annual Plan for Technology Transfer “Estrategias de comercio de plantas aromáticas y medicinales autóctonas” (Strategies for the trade of native aromatic and medicinal plants). INTERREG SUDOE ValuePAM project. Solsona, May 22, 2018. See Program.
There were the following presentations:E. Moré. Presentación jornada
Finally, a workshop on the valuation of wild resources was carried out. Conclusions.

  • Presentation of the project VALUEPAM in Arç, Day of the forgotten fruits and herbs of Catalonia. Prullans, 22th September. Contact:
  • Seminar of the Annual Plan for Technology Transfer. Associacionisme: clau en el desenvolupament del sector de les Plantes Aromàtiques i Medicinals (Associationism: key in the development of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants sector . Project INTERREG SUDOE ValuePAM. Solsona, 19th October 2018. See program.
The seminar was organised in the following blocks and presentations of associations and working groups:
Economy: organisation of the production, transformation and  sale of plants.

Conservation: protection and  i valorisation of autothonous plants.

Etnobotany: recovery of the traditional use knowledge

Consumption: promotion of the use of plants

Tools and strategies to face the sector needs

  • Transnational Seminar of results presentation of VALUEPAM project. Seville, 30th November 2018

Roser Cristóbal, from the Group of medicinal and aromatic plants of the CTFC, presented the results obtained during the 2 year project, in the framework of the evaluation of wild resources (mainly Gentiana lutea), together with the French members of the Conservatoire Botánico National des Pyrénées et de Midi-Pyrénées (CBNPMP) and the Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes (PNRPC). Program.

Presentation Main results of the project VALUEPAM in Catalonia (Spanish).


  • International Workshop of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Sevilla, 28-30 novembre 2018.

The Group PAM of CTFC organized this event, as a work workshop of the Aromatic and Medicinal Plants iNet project INCREDIBLE. The program consisted of 2 visits to companies related to the distillation of aromatic plants, a conference session (certification of wild products, Nagoya protocol and methodologies for the evaluation of wildlife resources) and a workshop session (tools for the marketing of wild PAMs, associationism and organization of wild plant harvesting; actions for the appraisal of resources wild). Program
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