TRUMAP project – exchange on MAPs production with Turkey

2016-2018. TRUMAP – Networking and Dialogue on Black Truffles and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey – EuropeAid

Promotion of relations between the productive sector of Catalonia and the Turkish regions of the Aegean and Mediterranean, for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the production of non-timber forest products.

  • 15-16th June 2016. Visit to Turkey
Mixed cultivation of truffle and lavender
Demonstration of lavender distillation
Aromatic plant nurseries at the BATEM research center
Selection fields of aromatic plants in BATEM
Forest inventory on wild aromatic species
Visit to the natural cosmetics company TALYA
  • 12-14th December. Visit to Catalonia.
Visit to Pàmies Vitae
Visit to the Parc de les Olors of Linyola
Visita to Bernau Herbes

Documentation prepared: