Wild collection projects 2021-2023

2018-2021. Innovation Networks for Cork, Resins & Edibles (INCREDIBLE). Aromatic and Medicinal Plants iNet.

2021-2022. Agroforestry innovation in the Baix mountains: Productive alternatives in the context of climate change. Finance: AMB-Area Metropolitana de Barcelona

  • Participation in meetings with technicians from the municipalities of Sant Climent de Llobregat, Torrelles and Vallirana
  • Elaboration of presentation sheets for productive alternatives:
  1. FACTSHEET 3: Wild collection of aromatic-medicinal and ornamental green species
  2. FACTSHEET 4: Cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants
  3. FACTSHEET 6: Spaces and recreational-educational activities around aromatic-medicinal plants

2022-2023. BIOMARKETSEl Solsonès, a look at bioproducts. Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Project (PECT).

  • Objective: to promote the transition process towards a model based on the bioeconomy based on the endogenous natural resources of the counties as a vector of social cohesion and generator of new productive economies (value chains) of added value.
  • Operations:
  1. IN-BIOXARXA: a new network model of mountain bioproducts
2022. Chemical analysis of wild populations of aromatic plants in El Solsonès
  • Products:
  1. Technology transfer and advisory services aimed at the sector and entrepreneurs
  2. Sheets of New Productive Itineraries to introduce medicinal and aromatic plants
  3. Supply model of the region’s endogenous resources.
  4. Infrastructure (leading Transformation Lab-Centre) and a scientific-technological Innovation environment (BioMarket_MeetingPoint) for experimentation: drying, distillation and extraction equipment.
  5. Feasibility plan for the introduction of bioproducts in mountain regions.
  6. Innovation, development and KTT (technology transfer) services around the scientific infrastructure (Transformation Lab-Centre).
  7. IT tools created especially to strengthen the impact and transfer in the sector