New database of medicinal and aromatic plants’ machinery

The Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Group of the CTFC Bioeconomics and Governance Program has developed a database of suppliers of machinery and equipment, with detailed information on the models most suitable for the processing of PAMs.
The database can be consulted through the Catalan Forest Observatory (OFC) and can be accessed through:
The space is organized in a way that allows a search by type of equipment (dryers, distillers, extractors, post-harvest, dry herb processors and harvesters), scaling (small to large) and the type of system used. Once selected, a card is loaded with the contact information of the company and the characteristics of the equipment.
To complement this information, in the coming months will be organized different demonstration days of machinery aimed at farmers and entrepreneurs who want to devote to the cultivation and / or development of products based on MAPs:

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