The general objective of the FoRuO project is to promote the development of continuous training systems and skills in the cross-border territory in order to improve access to employment in relation to new productions in the forestry and rural sectors, specifically in the production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and berries.

A cross-border observatory and a collaboration network for the development of training modules will be created to obtain a new cross-border training offer with professional certification.

So far there is no complete and regulated training in this area and this project will allow professionals to access recognized qualified training, expanding the job opportunities of people in the territory.

The project begins on November 1, 2019 and ends on May 31, 2022, with the aim of obtaining training on the production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and berries in the cross-border territory of the Pyrenees .

Several actions are carried out for its implementation:

  1. Project management.
  2. Communication activities.
  3. Cross-border observatory of training in production and transformation of PAM and PF.
  4. Collaboration network for the development of training modules in production and transformation of PAM and PF.
  5. New cross-border training offer in production and transformation of PAM and PF.
  6. Validation of the professional competences of the training offer in production and transformation of PAM and PF.

The project will be carried out between 4 territories: Catalonia and Aragon (Spain), Ariège and Pyrenees Orientales (France), by research and training centers in agricultural, forestry and product development skills, each with complementary experience in different aspects of MAPs and berries production.

The participating partners are:

  • Consortium Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) – Lleida, Catalonia(COORDINATOR)
  • Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food (DARP) – Government of Catalonia – Barcelona, Catalonia.
  • Forestry Agricultural School of Santa Coloma de Farners (EAF) – Girona, Catalonia
  • Agro-Food Research and Technology Center of Aragon (CITA) – Zaragoza, Aragon
  • Ariège-Comminges Vocational Training and Agricultural Promotion Center(CFPPA-AC) – Ariège, Occitanie
  • Perpignan Roussillon Local Public School for Agricultural Education and Training (EPLEFPA-PR) – Pyrenees Orientales, Occitanie.

They also participate as associates:

  • Catalan Institute of Professional Qualifications (ICQF), Department of Education, Government of Catalonia.
  • Consortium for the Continuous Formation of Catalonia (CFCC).
  • Jaca city council, Huesca (Aragon).


FoRuO is part of Priority Axis 5 – Strengthening competences and inclusion in the territories - of the European INTERREG POCTEFA program.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)

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