Wild harvesting projects 2012

LEGEND: R research T transfer PT student project

2011-2013. Forest harvesting wild plants learning in Europe – PLANT WILD. Learning partnership GRUNDTVIG. T (net)

2012-2013. Novel methodology for the Identification of Valuable Natural Products Derived from Mediterranean Flora – BIOXPLORE. Programa ENPI CBC MED. R (essay).

  • CTFC is an associated partner and brings its expertise in the selection of different habitats and localities for plant sampling.

2012. Comparative study of different species of medicinal plants and aromatic plants present in the natural vegetation of the area to introduce them as crop cultivation and evaluation of several traded aromatic and medicinal plants in order to produce final products. Agreement with the Sambucus Cooperative, SCCL (Manlleu, Barcelona). Funded by the DAAM-Gouverment of Catalonia under the call for innovative pilot projects to develop new technologies, products and processes to address climate change and support for renewable energy, water management and biodiversity. R (essay).

  • Identification of local wildlife populations, sampling, control of rooting cuttings, obtention of essential oils and chemical characterization of: Thymus vulgaris, Lavandula latifolia, Satureja montana, Satureja Calamintha.
  • Production of wild harvesting guides: Rosmarinus officinalis, Malva sylvestris, Sambucus nigra.

2011-2012. RedFor. Forest Net of Rural Development. Pilot project pilot in the framework of the National Rural Network. Funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and FEADER. Developed by COSE (Confederation of Organizations of Foresters in Spain). Collaborates CTFC. R (study).

  • Study of the economic potential of the wild medicinal and aromatic plants in Spain.
  1. Data of natural resource distribution, harvesting production, data on production sector. DOC: Evaluación de los recursos forestales por CCAA. Identificación de prácticas adecuadas.
  2. Value chain, markets, new demands, products with potential: medicinal plants (medicinal herbal teas, phytomedicines), aromatic plants (food herbal teas, seasonings, liquors), and extracts and essential oils (phytomedicines, cosmetics, perfumes). DOC:-Planificación de la producción de productos forestales para adecuarlos a la demanda

    -Catálogo de nuevos productos forestales y mejoras tecnológicas de los existentes

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