Cultivation projects 2011

LEGEND: R research T transfer PT student project

2009-2012. Breeding according to agronomic behaviour and principle actives richness of wild Spanish populations of the species Lavandula latifolia, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia lavandulifolia y Thymus mastichina previously chemically characterized. Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnologia Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), Ministerio de Ciencia i Innovación. R (essay).

  • Species: Lavandula latifolia, Rosmarinus officinalis and Salvia lavandulifolia.

2008-2011. Experimentation with aromatics and medicinal plants in the Principality of Andorra. Associació de Pagesos i Ramaders del Principat d’Andorra. R/T (essay).

  • Species: Arnica montana, Artemisia dracunculus, Crataegus monogyna, Filipendula ulmaria, Hyssopus officinalis, Melissa officinalis, Mentha viridis, Origanum vulgare, Rosa canina, Sambucus nigra, Satureja montana, Thymus serpyllum.

??2011-2016. Agroforesty systems in Catalonia: innovation of productive schemes for income diversification. Goverment of Catalonia. R (essay)

  • Mixed cultivation of: hardwood (Juglans regia), energetic  (Platanus hispanica), grassaland and aromatics (Salvia officinalis).

2011. Proposal of aromatic and medicinal plants production and commercial products. Consorci del Lluçanès, Cooperativa Sambucus. R (study).

  • Cultivaton and products manufacturing.

2011. Dissemination of results for the aromatic and medicinal plants activities (Production route). Gouverment of Catalonia. T (website)

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